August 17, 2012

Man who left dog on Colorado mountain faces animal cruelty charge

A man who left his dog at the summit of Mount Bierstadt in Colorado will face animal cruelty charges.

The charge was filed after the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation into the “abandoned and injured” dog found on the Colorado fourteener earlier this month. 

A group of volunteers rescued the dog, a German shepherd, who was spotted wandering at an elevation of about 13,000 feet. She was carried off the mountain on Monday.

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    Just sad and wrong on so many levels.
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    This why I fucking hate people
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    Poor puppy!!! D: I couldn’t imagine doing that to my dog. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Call me a bleeding...
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    I would have stashed my gear somewhere and carried my dog in my pack down. I would NEVER leave my dog anywhere much less...
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    *hugs doggie* you brave girl, don’t worry, we won’t ever let that horrid wretch near you again.
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    FUCK ANIMAL ABUSE. Leave that guy to die at the base of a fucking mountain. Thank god for whoever found her.
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    Whoa. Who in the heck? How awful of a human are you?!
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    Who the hell does that?!
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