February 16, 2012
AP: Josh Powell won’t be buried next to two sons he killed after Crime Stoppers buys adjacent cemetery plots

"Powell’s mother, wracked by grief, realized early this week that no one else was planning for what to do with Josh Powell’s remains, Kirk Graves, the brother-in-law of Josh Powell, told The Associated Press. She visited a funeral home and a few cemeteries, he said, she ‘cluelessly’ picked a gravesite just up the hill from where the boys are buried.

"The decision prompted a public firestorm. The parents of Susan Powell threatened legal action to keep Josh Powell from being buried so close, and the anti-crime organization Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County purchased the plots on either side of the boys to ensure that he didn’t wind up next to them. Crime Stoppers raised about $20,000 in donations for the effort in less than a day.”

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