November 15, 2012

Photos: Israeli Offensive in Gaza Continues

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip—Militants in the Gaza Strip pounded southern Israel with rocket fire on Thursday, killing three people as the Israeli military pressed forward with a second day of intense air raids and naval attacks on militant targets.

JERUSALEM—Tel Aviv residents say they heard an explosion following an air-raid alert across the city, raising fears of a Gaza rocket strike on Israel’s commercial capital.

WASHINGTON—The White House says the U.S. strongly condemns the barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and regrets the loss of life.

July 8, 2011
"I figured okay, I’ll move to the White House, do the best I can, and if they don’t like it they can kick me out. But they can’t make me be somebody I’m not."

Betty Ford, on becoming First Lady after President Nixon’s resignation

I have always really really loved this quote.

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